PRODUCT REVIEW: Crackers and chips and applesauce, oh my! (A review of the March "Great Kids Snack Box") #ad

Disclosure: Although I received this product at a discounted rate for a review, all opinions are my own.

On March 15, 2017, I was excited to find a package waiting for me at my front door. The package was my first delivery of the "Great Kids Snack Box." I had chosen to review this particular product as my toddler and I both are avid snackers; however, we always buy lots of snacks and then waste the rest of the box when we don't like the snacks that we have chosen at the store. I knew that this box would include 1-2 of each product and include 30 different items for us to taste-test. I also had high hopes that this would introduce my toddler to a variety of snacks and hopefully, in the end, broaden her snack horizons.

Upon receiving the box I, of course, opened it. Here was what was inside:

The Great Kids Snack Box - March 2017

The Great Kids Snack Box - March 2017

1-Bunches of Crunches: Superfood Granola (The flavor of this one was Coconut Cacao)

1-Caveman Cookies (These are all-natural and are gluten-free; they also have great reviews online!)

1-Caveman Nutrition Bar (This one was dark chocolate caramel cashew flavored)

1-Chosen Foods: Vanilla Bites with Chia (These are a nut and granola cluster-type snack).

1-Crunchmaster: Multi-Seed Crackers

1-Dr. Pops: Zinc + Vitamin C (These are lollipops and there were two in the box).

2-Earnest Eats: Baked Whole Food Bar (I received an almond trail mix flavored one and an apple ginger flavored one)

1-Emerald 100 Calorie Pack Nuts (This one contained Dill Pickle Cashews and was AMAZING, especially for only 100 calories.)

1-Fruit Crisps: Freeze-Dried Real Sliced Pears (Donald Duck was on the package so this instantly drew my toddler in!)

2-GoGo Squeez pouches (my toddler already loves these but I received 2 new flavors that sounded perfect for her to try! Those flavors were: Boulder Berry and Zippin' Zingin' Pear)

1-Hippeas: Organic Chickpea Puffs (This flavor of this one was"Maple Haze")

1-Mia Dolci: Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Cookie Crisps

1-Modern Oats: Vermont Maple Premium Oatmeal

2-My Super Cookies (I received "Chocolate Heroes" and "Blueberry Vanilla Heroes")

1-Oloves: Natural Green Pitted Olives (Basil and garlic flavored)

1-OneBar (Fruit bar containing 1 full serving of fruit)

2-Peeled Snacks (One dried fruit and one called "Peas Please" that said it was a baked organic crunchy peas snack.)

1-Pure Growth Organic: Mickey-Shaped Animal Crackers (The flavor of this particular package was chocolate...yay!)

1-Raw Rev Glo: Bar with Raw Super Food (This one was peanut butter, dark chocolate & sea salt flavored. I also noted that it contained 11g of protein.)

1-Raw Rev 100: Organic Live Food Bar (The flavor of this one was chocolate coconut bliss.)

1-This Kid Saves Lives (This was a wild berries flavored bar.)

3-Wonderwell: Water with a Dash of Organic Watermelon/ Strawberry/ Peach (Also sugar free, BONUS!)

2-Yummy Snack: The Next Generation of Candy Bars (I received a chocolate flavored bar and a caramel crunch flavored bar.)

as an added bonus I received 2 dips as well and they were:

1-DipIn: Classic Hummus

1-The Sneaky Chef: No-Nut Butter (this says it is made from golden peas! I can't wait for my toddler to try this one!)

On top of my snacks AND dips, I also received these awesome coupons (pictured to the left).

After taking inventory of all of my yummy treats, I knew I better pick something to try before my toddler woke and found the stash. I decided to try the Mia Dolci: Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Cookie Crisps and might I just say YUM-O! They were light, airy and the perfect amount of sweet to satisfy my daily afternoon sweets craving. It is also the first image pictured below with the other images of the first snacks my toddler and I tried.

Then my toddler awoke and I knew my private snack box moment was at it's end (it was shocking I got one in the first place as a mother of 2 princesses on different nap schedules). She knew the box would be there when she woke up so, of course, the very first thing she said was "I want snack in box!" I immediately sat the box in front of her, curious to see if she would pick something that she had never tried before or stick to the same old things. I was pleasantly surprised! She chose a GoGo Squeez which was slightly disappointing as, although it was a new flavor, it was not a snack that would be new to her. However, when she was done with that pouch, she then chose the Fruit Crisps: Freeze-Dried Real Sliced Pears and ate them ALL. This was AWESOME as this was a new snack and also a super healthy one! After that, she was obviously thirsty and wanted to try the strawberry-flavored Wonderwell water. I tried it and noticed that the flavoring was very minimal and I was unsure of how she would react... however, she LOVED it and asked for another one. An added bonus was that one of the coupons I had received was for the Wonderwell water. Score!

I was thrilled that my child, who eats pretty healthy anyway but doesn't always have the option to try a lot of new, unknown snacks, as that can get expensive, got the opportunity to try new snacks and I didn't have to buy any of them in bulk to waste if she did not like them.

In closing I would just like to say that the Great Kids Snack Box is a great deal and can actually save you money in the long run if having your child try a variety of snacks is something you desire. Not only does it allow your child/ children to new things, but there are also some snacks mixed in that will most likely be familiar to them. Lastly, it may say "Kids" in the name but most of the snacks are protein-filled and would be awesome for adults to throw in their purses, diaper bags, briefcases, etc. to keep their energy levels up. There is truly something for everyone. There are so many uses it'll have you wishing you had signed up sooner! We can't wait to try the rest of our snacks!

If you're interested you can subscribe to the Great Kids Snack Box here:

You can cancel at any time so even if you want to try just one month it's no big deal. And, if you do subscribe, be sure to share what you get in your first box!