Welcome! My name is Jennifer and first and foremost, I am a wife to Dave and a mommy to Olivia (2) and Addison (3 months). I am also a school-based Speech-Language Pathologist working 9 months of the year with students in grades preschool to fifth grade. As a parent I have discovered that parenting is not only difficult, messy and hectic, but it is also f*cking hilarious! I have discovered a newfound interest in the discussion regarding the hilarity of mine and others’ parenting madness. Along with parenting, I also love books and finding different ways to live in a more frugal matter; so those topics may pop in on the blog every once in a while as well.

My crazy Cirque de Soleil style life started in 2009 when I met a man named Dave through mutual friends. I was not looking for love and had basically sworn men off for good. Despite my awkwardness, Dave never gave up on me worked his way right in to my life. We met at Chipotle one day for lunch and I was hooked. I knew this man would be the father of my children.

In 2013, Dave and I were married on a windy day in November that could only be described as perfect. Dave paid for the entire thing and made sure I had everything I had ever dreamed about when I thought about my future wedding. Again, how could he not be the future father of my children?

After the honeymoon, Dave and I decided that we were ready for a baby. That’s when Olivia was conceived. The hardest baby in the entire world (and toddler… but we will get to that later), but we love her and wouldn’t change a thing. She taught us, and continues to teach us, everything we know about parenting. We went on to completely forget everything about having a newborn baby in the house and conceived Addison. Addison is our chill child; so far she is letting big sis do the teaching and she does the watching. It’s a crazy, wonderful balance over at our house. Be sure to follow the blog for more of our story. Thanks for reading!